Cayan Akca

  • Self-motivated
  • Proactive
  • Cheerful
  • Software
  • Engineer

Professional Status


About Me

Currently enrolled in my last year of a 5-year studies program, I am a French student with a driven ambition to work as a Software Engineer. I have a great motivation to put my assets and personal skills at your service.

I have a special growing interest towards innovative projects, mobile devices and data processing.

Self-motivated, proactive behavior with a cheerful spirit, I enjoy spending most of my free time cooking, creating illustrations and traveling.

Available: 27th February 2017.


Project Manager and Software Engineer

September 2015 to january 2016
Responsibilities completed
  • Conception and creation of a solution for craftsmen selling tailored products.
  • Project managing using Extreme Programming and Agile methodologies resulting in weekly customers meetings and drafting of various project related documentation.
  • Key skills: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, jQuery, Django, Project Management.

Software Engineer

ITP Europe
February 2015 to june 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • Drafting of a research document about the best solutions for mobile development.
  • Prototyping with various frameworks for mobile development.
  • Conception and creation of desktop software and web based applications.
  • Key skills: Java, J2EE, C#, Android, Xamarin.

Software Engineer

May 2014 to august 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Development of portable touch applications with the Kivy framework.
  • Project managing resulting in weekly customers meetings and drafting of various project related documentation.
  • Key skills: Python, Kivy, Project Management.

Association President

Retro Engine
September 2014 to june 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • Supervising a team of students in the development of an engine to build 2D games.
  • Development of a 2D game and its tools: level editor, animation editor etc.
  • Key skills: C#, XNA, Project Management.


  • C#, Java, Python, C++
  • .NET, XNA, Qt
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Java, Python
  • jQuery, ASP.NET, J2EE, Django
  • Java, Python, C#
  • Android, Kivy, Xamarin
  • ER Modeling, SQL Server, Oracle, SQLite
  • XML, JSON, CouchDB, MongoDB
  • Pair Programming, TDD
  • French
    Native Speaker
  • English


Master of Science in Software Engineering

Exia Engineering School
September 2012 to march 2017
Short description

Main courses: Software Development, Web Development, Mobile Development, Embedded Development, Project Management.
Options: Data Processing, Networking, Systems.


  • Illustration
  • Cooking
  • Traveling
  • Animals